El Mahrousa company for packing & plastic Industries was established in 10th of Ramadan Industrial city, which is considered one of the Most important industrial cities in Egypt & all of This achievements from improving our injection & blowing industries, which produces suitable Containers to local markets & exportation in fields Of "fertilizers, chemicals, detergents, cidals, Pharmaceutical, veterinaries, nutrition’s, juices, Milk, cosmetics & engineering instruments"

Our company strategy is willing to continue its Improvements by widening the factory & established A new factory, which uses the latest technology & modern techniques and this will improve our Products quality.

صور معرض افروبكينج 2013 بحضور السيد / حاتم صالح - وز...
معرض افروباكينج 2013
معرض AFROPACKING 2013 Exhibition
El Mahrousa Exhibition